The Accident -Day 1

On June 15 at about 2:00p.m., Dean lost control of the motorcyle he was riding and impacted a tree. Precise details of the collision are not known at this time, but he may have separated from the motorcyle and slid across the ground causing his helmet to pull free from his head. It was found at the scene, faceplate smashed, a few feet away from him.

Dean suffered a broken left leg at the femur, broken ribs, and a bruised lung (initially thought to be punctured). Worst of all, however, was the severe trauma to his brain, combined with the breakage of nearly all of his facial bones, including forehead, jaw, cheeks, and nose.

Miraculously, first responders were on the scene within 15 minutes and immediately called in a Medivac helicopter which transported him to York Hospital's Trauma Center.

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