July 31 - Late report

Just to let everyone know, Dean is stable and doing fairly well at the moment. He has been moved to Morristown Memorial Hospital which, so far, seems to be very nice and we think the people are going to take good care of him. Well, since Dannielle will not be leaving Dean's side, I'm sure they will be taking good care of him! They ran the standard battery of tests on him – xray, CT scan, and blood work. There was some conjecture that he may have had a broken collar bone which had gone unnoticed in previous xrays but we have not heard a definite response about that yet. His lung xray came back fairly good, despite the vomiting he experienced earlier in the day, which indicates that he did not breathe any back into his lungs and we are thankful for that. We are hopeful that his stomach will settle and he will be able to start digesting food again through the night. He seems very tired and is resting almost constantly, which is not surprising if you know what Dean is like when he doesn't get food!

In other news, this hospital seems willing and interested in having a maxillofacial specialist take a look at the fractures in his face and see if it would be wise to address them now. We're not sure how this will turn out, but there are some concerns about infection entering the brain if this is not done so we will be very interested in what the specialist has to say. They will be performing an ultrasound on the blood clot in the morning and evaluate whether they should insert the filter or if some other type of treatment would be better. One way or the other, if Dean can start digesting his food again he will have a short ride back to Kessler and get a new start to his rehab, or he may stay and get his face fixed up!

We really are trusting that the Lord is watching over our dear brother and that this little situation may work out for Dean's best. Thank you all for praying with us!

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