July 14 - Day 30

Dean had a calm and quiet day. After 20 hours of rest on the ventilator, he breathed on his own for 9 hours today and will be on the ventilator again tonight. His fever has subsided and his vitals are good. Most of his test results came back negative, but his sputum has some bacteria growth so they are still treating him with the same antibiotic as yesterday.

Looking forward to when Dean has fully stabilized off of the vent, we have begun planning for specialized rehab treatment for him. This type of treatment is available for patients even if they still have not come out of a coma. We visited three different rehab facilities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey on Friday and Saturday, including two of the top ten in the country. We want to take the absolute best care of him that we possibly can, but this specialized and brain-focused care can't begin until he is completely stable medically. Dean's insurance has been great so far at covering his primary medical expenses but is extremely limited in its coverage of rehab costs (between 5 and 10 days; brain injury rehab is typically measured in months).

We feel like Dean is making very encouraging overall progress toward emerging from the coma, and our real hope is that he wakes up by the time he becomes medically stable and ready to transport to a rehab facility. We are planning another day of prayer and fasting very soon, specifically with these requests in mind: that he will wake up completely, and that he will communicate with us in a definite way.

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