July 10 - Day 26

We thank the Lord for Dean's continual progress each day! He started breathing on his own using his trach collar at 8:15 am and kept great pressures all day! They will rest him through night on the ventilator. Dean was challenged during therapy as they pushed him to respond. His therapist applied pressures at different places on his body and flexed his arms and legs for range of motion. He has been lying on his back in bed for 26 days and this has caused some bed sores and weakened his muscles. Most of his swelling has gone down along with losing an extra 10 lbs so they will increase the content of his nutrient level and calorie intake. They put his "turtle shell" (a chest brace that is worn when sitting or standing to keep his fractures stabilized) and sat him up in bed for the first time! He needs to build up his neck muscles as he struggled to keep his head up. His left leg and knee are very tight and will need to be an area of focus during therapy. He is still in coma but he continues to move his right hand a lot and makes facial expressions in response to pain. 

We continually ask God for Dean's complete healing and daily strength!

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