August 23 - Day 70

 And Jesus went forth, and saw a great multitude, and was moved with compassion toward them, and he healed their sick. -Matthew 14:14

Early in the morning I took down most of our photos and packed our bags to prepare for Dean's return to Morristown Memorial Hospital. He had a short session of physical therapy around 9:30 and attempted to turn his head towards the right in response to me calling his name. The doctor removed all 38 staples from his head and he winced with his right eye upon the first staple being pulled out. Around noon the ambulance arrived to transport Dean to the ER at Morristown. As we drove through town, I couldn't help but notice the suffering of mankind wandering along streets whether rich or poor. One older homeless man weathered by life as he leaned against a storefront, another trembling as he dug through the trash for food, a woman with an identity crisis shuffling by, families and friends dining in pleasure on sidewalk cafes, the well-dressed walking quickly to their offices, immigrants looking for work and countless lost souls traversing through life. Wherever I go, I see this suffering whether it is obvious in the body or hidden deep within the soul. Dean's suffering is in his body but know that his soul is alive in Christ! I am forever grateful to God, even in the midst of our pain, that our faith and hope was found in Christ before June 15 and remains to be in Christ alone! When I was a young girl, I remember wondering, "how do people go through life without a relationship with God?" I need the Lord; apart from Him I can do nothing. Dean is a living miracle; I know the Lord is sustaining Him. Everyday I ask and wait for the Lord to completely restore Dean so we can surprise everyone and just drive home! It will be a beautiful celebration of what God has done! The Lord doesn't require me to understand or know why this happened but He only asks me to believe and trust Him on this journey. I've learned this as a young girl through the death of my own father. I was a lost girl looking for her daddy. Jesus showed me his nail-pierced hands, reached down and invited me to walk with Him. I must patiently wait for heaven where God's glory and plan from creation will be revealed! God is the author so I must trust him with the pen as He writes our love story! He is also our Redeemer and He can take the broken pieces of our life and put them back together. Living in the light of eternity is a daily choice. God is good! He gave me Dean's hand to hold and I treasured that gift for he was the only man that ever held mine. How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings. - Psalm 36:7 
Dean was examined by many doctors and was taken for another CT Scan of his head and leg. The reading of his head was unclear to whether there is some resolving blood or if there is an infection forming. They have him on an antibiotic which is treating any infection that my be arising. The scan of his thigh confirmed the deep-vein thrombosis that Kessler found in his left leg. He has many clots in his long saphenous vein, packing the entire length up to his groin area. Thankfully, an IVC filter was inserted several weeks ago to catch any clots that may lead to a Pulmonary Embolism. His left thigh is swollen by 33% in comparison to his right thigh. Please pray that the blood clots in his left leg would dissolve.  In the evening, they started him on one unit of blood and gave him one more unit through the night. They are trying to identify the source of his fever. 
The Lord provided a single room for us in J3 tonight. They were going to discard Dean's extra air pad so I asked for it. I had planned to sleep with it on the floor but before going to sleep the nurse brought a cot in as well. The doctors and nurses have shown compassion towards our story.

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