July 4 - Day 20

Let our hearts be filled with praises to our God!

Every day is a gift from God as we watch a miracle taking place before our eyes! I was so thankful to spend most of the morning with Dean and to hear how the Lord sustained him through the night. The nurses have noticed him becoming more active with his right hand during the nights, and I have noticed it during the days. He taps his leg with his fingers and rolls his wrist around along with moving his fingers freely. He holds my hand and will start rubbing his thumb against mine or tap his index finger.

The doctor spoke with me this evening about their plans to put a PEG (feeding tube) directly into his stomach tomorrow afternoon. If they proceed, they will stop feeding him for the next 36 hours so the tube and incision can seal properly. Pray for the Lord's strength to carry him through this adjustment.  I was holding his right hand as the doctor listened to his stomach with a stethoscope and Dean moved his right hand towards his belly where pressure was being applied. He has also been moving his right around in rubbing motions as though something were bothering him. At one point, Dean raised his right hand from his elbow joint with his fingers relaxed. He is not as active with his left hand.

We are praying that he will respond to commands and that this will be demonstrated by hand signals. His kidneys are strong and his swelling is going down! His heart rate and blood pressure have remained stable. We have much to thank the Lord for and we continue to ask God for Dean's complete healing! We see what is happening, and we thank God for what He is doing!

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