June 27 -Day 13: Prayer Needed

As we reported last night, there were some good and bad signs yesterday. Unfortunately, during the night Dean took another turn, seemingly for the worse, and the doctors decided to go ahead and put him into a medical coma.

We have just received a another update and it seems very serious. We know that each of you is supporting us with your prayers, but we are asking now if you would be willing to join us in another prayer and fast day starting at 9:00 tonight, Wednesday through 9:00 Thursday night.  If you are interested, you can sign up on the Prayer Chain page.

The doctor had a very serious discussion with Duane and Dannielle this morning but they will not leave Dean in the coma for more than 48 hours as they feel the drug could do other damage. They will start weaning him off the drug sometime on Thursday, probably during the evening.

If when Dean gets out of the medical coma he is unable to stabilize without major intervention from the staff, they told us it is time to make a serious decision. They feel like his body is not self-regulating which is a low-level brain stem function. I believe that God is hearing our prayers and I don't believe it is time for us to give up.

Both the doctor and the nurse were crying with us as they discussed the decisions that may need to be made. We need a miracle and to pray that Dean can be stable on his own in 48 hours.

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