June 22 -Day 8

We were not able to get the meeting with the neurosurgeon that we expected to today, but he did drop off the results of the test. The nurse visited with us and answered a few questions. In short, the results from the brain tests had some good and some bad. He is showing brain activity in both the brain and the brain stem, but the activity is not as regulated as the doctors would like to see it. It definitely shows that there is damage, but not precisely to what extent. In addition, the blood clot is still present at the front of his head.

On a more positive side, today Dean has coughed more on his own and has reacted to certain stimuli, particularly his right toe moves when pressure is applied in a test; however the movement is abnormal. The toe should go down but Dean's goes up, similar to the way a baby's toe reacts. Dean has moved his thumb today on pain stimulation to the nailbed. Dean also has shown a slight response of turning his head away when his left cheek is touched.

Later this afternoon, he moved a toe on his right foot by himself and has had a grasping response on Danielle's hand. Unfortunately, his cranial pressure climbed and his heartrate was elevated, and did not respond to typical treatments until they gave him blood pressure medication, and then his vitals quickly stabilized.

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