October 14 - Family Time

A change in authors, just for the day: Dean does require nearly all of Dannielle's time and attention!

We packed up a meal and the whole local family spent some time with Dean today. We got him into some of his regular clothes and helped him sit up in bed, moved him to his wheelchair and then brought him into the meeting room at Quincy. The children were playing and each one of them and each of us spent some time talking with him and trying to get him to talk to us. He seemed a little tired today and may have been uncomfortable so he wasn't quite as talkative as at some other times, but he did say a few things, and he seemed to eat well – we fed him blended up steak and crab, potatoes, and even a little cheesecake. 

We'll try to keep the updates coming: nearly 1,000 people had been visiting the site every day, and I know that so many are remembering Dean, Dannielle, and our family in your prayers and we want to let you know how well he is doing and how God is steadily healing our dear brother, son, friend, and most importantly, husband.

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