July 7 - Day 23

Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice. -Philippians 4:4 

This morning at 9:15, they did a trial breathing test for Dean. He started to breathe on his own without the ventilator! Everyone was a amazed to see this miracle and acknowledges that God enabled him! He breathed on his own until 11 am and then they resumed the ventilator. They are giving him a rest and then they will test him this evening for another 2 hours. As he continues to demonstrate his ability to breathe they will increase his times of breathing until he is completely weaned off the ventilator. This is a direct answer to prayer and we thank our Heavenly Father for filling our hearts with hope as He heals Dean's body!  His heart rate and blood pressure remained stable throughout this process. They also started his nutrition feedings again.

I met with the physical therapist today and they showed me various exercises to do with Dean to keep his muscles relaxed. Even though he is still in a coma, we really need to work with his left hand because he has a lot of muscle tone (stiffness) in that arm. Last night, they took his chest measurements to make him a brace. It is important to change his body position in order to prevent more bed sores from developing. Dean has a T6 compression fracture along with 3 broken posterior ribs. The brace will help keep this area stable when he sits. Continue to pray for Dean's complete healing! Nothing is impossible with God!

I also want to give thanks to God that since you all prayed and fasted for Dean on June 27-28th, we have seen his vitals regulate and stabilize! God loves us dearly! He hears our heart cries and is answering our prayers. Let's continue to trust God and seek Him with our entire being in every area of our lives! May God be glorified!

I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing praise to thy name, O thou most High. -Psalms 9:2

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