July 3 - Day 19

This morning my heart was filled with delight to see Dean's brain monitor removed and the site stitched closed. We give thanks to God for this answer to prayer as his vitals and pressures stayed steady enough for the doctors to remove the monitor, as this was a necessary step in the healing process. They also did another CT scan and the results were very encouraging: the midline shift in Dean's brain because of the swelling started at 9mm off-center and had only reduced to 7mm as of his last scan. However, this morning's scan shows that it is now at 0, centered right where it's supposed to be! All four ventricles were now clearly visible and virtually all of the blood remnants are gone. The doctor expressed his amazement to us several different times at the dramatic progress from his previous scan to this one, but he did not hesitate to remind us that the scan still shows significant areas of damaged brain tissue. Once again, nothing is impossible with God!

Dean has three immediate prayer requests at this time:

  • He needs to start breathing on his own as they reduce ventilator assistance
  • He needs to open his eyes
  • He needs to move appropriately in response to stimuli or, even better, on his own

Long-term, we would really appreciate prayer that the brain tissue that appears to be dead will be healed. 


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