July 8 - Day 24

Good Reports:

I was crying tears of joy as I heard that Dean breathed on his own for another two hours this morning. The doctors gave him a trach collar which assist his breathing with humidified oxygen. It is so special to be able to breathe the same air with him! We thank the Lord for the strength He is giving Dean in this weaning process from the ventilator. The nurses removed several of his stiches and staples around his knee where the rod was inserted into his left femur. This area is healing nicely! His central line was also removed which was another risk for infection. They are now able to give his medications through an IV in his arm. 

Later in the morning, Dean had a fever which may have been a cause for his elevated heart rate. So they gave his lungs a rest and kept him on the ventilator. He broke out in a sweat last night and this afternoon. In the evening, he breathed for almost 3 hours on own and then they gave him a rest on the ventilator. They will continue this process until he can comfortably breathe without assistance. Every breath he takes is a miracle! Life is a gift from God and we have the opportunity to thank the Lord by how we choose to live!


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