October 11 - Brief Update

The days have been busy with daily care and therapy as Dean becomes more active. I apologize for the lack of updates so here is a quick snapshot of the day.

We have stopped the tube feedings as of Tuesday afternoon and he has started eating pureed foods. It takes about 30-45 minutes to finish a meal but he is doing great! He also stood with the help of one therapist 3 times for about 2 minutes. He is communicating more regularly to questions with "yes," "no," and even "no thank you." His tone is still very soft and he mumbles when he tries to say long sentences. However, he says the "Abc's" with me, "I love you," and even counted tonight. Some of his family members have heard him say "Hi," along with their first name. Every day Dean is doing something new and building upon what he is learning to do again.

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