July 31, 3:45 p.m.

Dean had thrown up a couple of times this morning. They now believe that it was from the stress of the trip, different food and maybe too much food at one time after not eating for 12 hrs.  They stopped feeding him before he left the hospital in York. Dean has had a blood clot in his leg for a few weeks. Now it has moved as far up the leg as it can before it would break loose and move to his lungs or his heart. They are taking him to a hospital near Kessler so they can put a screen in his leg. The filter or screen reduces the chances of the blood clot breaking off and entering the heart or lungs. If he is stable after this procedure, they will take him back to Kessler tonight. Please continue to pray that God will be with Dean and take care of him during this surgery. Thank you each one for your prayers and support.

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