Initial Developments -Day 2

After arrival at the trauma center, Dean's brain began to swell and he was bleeding from his left leg injury. The orthopedic doctor performed a limited initial surgery to the leg to try to stabilize it in the hospital room. This helped somewhat, but unfortunately the bleeding continued at an unacceptable level, preventing his body from stabilizing.

The doctors decided that it was necessary to perform a full operation on the leg in order to stabilize his body fluids and vitals, despite the increased risk that undergoing surgery would bring to his brain. They moved him to the operating room on Saturday around 2:30 a.m. The surgery went successfully and immediately improved his vital signs, restoring a pulse to his left foot, and virtually eliminated the blood loss from his leg injury. This seemed to allow his brain swelling to reduce to an extent, but the doctors have been quick to remind us that, awful as it seems, the fractures in Dean's face have allowed his brain to swell without putting it under the most damaging pressure.

We are, of course, grateful for this despite the challenges it may pose in repairing his face later, but it is frustrating to see his vitals show "good" numbers without seeing a corresponding improvement in his responsiveness.

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