Prayer Chain - 11/30/2012

We once again find ourselves deeply concerned with Dean’s situation. Over the past couple of days he has experienced some seizures for the first time and has been readmitted to the hospital for evaluation and continued monitoring. He seems to be doing okay at this time and should be released this afternoon. Apparently he was taken off his anti-seizure medication because he was doing so well, but will probably need to remain on that medication for at least the next year or so. While there, brain scans were done which still show the areas of damage but also some other troubling indications.

In addition, a recent eye test showed that he currently has little or no vision whatsoever. The testing doctor said that it’s not unheard of for blind people to occasionally recognize a shape or a large block color and still be almost completely blind. He told us not to give up, that there is a lot that the medical world does not understand and to keep praying for a miracle.

Dean does seem to be making some progress in regard to walking as he is slowly building up some muscle and placing more weight on his legs. Unfortunately, the doctors and therapists tell us it’s not enough weight to trigger the right signals that tell his brain he is walking. It seems that part of the problem is that Dean’s short term memory is suffering and he is struggling to remember what he learns in therapy from day to day and this is hindering his ability to build progressively. Instead, he starts each day with only a portion of the gains he made the previous day.

We are asking those would be willing to take time with us on Friday the 30th, from 6am until 10pm to pray and fast for Dean in these three specific needs: that his short term memory would be restored, that he would be able to make progress in walking, and that he would regain his vision. You can sign up on the Prayer Chain page.

Furthermore, we want to express our gratitude for each of you who has participated in the past, who have continued to support Dean, Dannielle, and the rest of the family in your daily prayers, and for all of those who have so generously given to support Dean and Dannielle as we try to provide the best care for Dean that we can.

Thank you and God bless you,
The Shenberger Family

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