September 18 - Day 96

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he -.Proverbs 29:18

It was hard to sleep last night and before long the clock blurred my vision to remind me that in 3 hours it was time to shower. I peered out the window as the trees waved farewell and the winds howled while clouds rolled across our gray skies with their heavy burdens. A storm was brewing all around us as we took note that Dean's right ear was 98 degrees and his left was 100. 7 degrees. I immediately prayed that the possibility of a fever would not delay so I pressed onwards with hope. Time was whisked away as I met with various staff before we loaded Dean into the ambulance at 10:37 am. I made a dash for the car as the raindrops began to dance upon the earth and followed closely behind the ambulance for the next 4 hours as we made our journey closer to home. This was Dean's seventh ambulance ride and my first time not riding with him.  It poured and poured the entire way from New Jersey to Pennsylvania causing us to take the slower route at times. We pulled into Quincy Retirement Village around 2:34 pm and were met with kindness and a warm welcome by staff. They showed us our room and we spent the rest of the evening settling in, completing paperwork, and meeting staff. Dean's temperature has now risen to 101 degrees in both ears. The nurse supervisor suggested that Dean should have a bigger bed so I could lay down with him. She talked to me for awhile and I wept. I longed to lay next to him but never wanted to hurt him and was never given permission. It has been 96 days since I snuggled next to him; it really feels like we are one step closer to home. 

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