July 6 - Day 22

I struggle every time I have to leave Dean's side, especially during the nights. I just want to be by his side and hold his hand. Tonight I had to put on his mitten before I left because he has become more active with his right hand and pulls at various tubes and wires which are attached. While I'm with him, I let his hand out so he can move it freely as I watch him closely. The mitten is for his safety at night so he doesn't harm himself.

Dean had his PEG (feeding tube) inserted at 7:15 pm and we thank the Lord for a successful operation! They will start his feeding again in the morning. Even though he is in a coma, they may start some therapy soon. We also thank the Lord for regulating his heartrate and blood pressure! We are waiting for more responses from him, especially with his eyes and following commands. Continue to pray for Dean's complete healing!

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