June 21 -Day 7

Despite a slight fever this morning, Dean's cranial pressure is stable and in a good range. This morning the neurologist  was going to try to get a BAER test and an EEG today if possible -- both are tests of brain activity. He said if the results are good it's a positive sign, negative results are not good, of course, but still not definitive. He said to remember that we are still less than a week after the accident. They also performed a fourth CT scan today, but we have not received the results of any of the tests at this time and do not expect to until tomorrow.

We also want to express our appreciation for all of the support from site visitors and from the dozens of you all who participated in the prayer and fast day yesterday! Your kindness, thoughfulness, and love is just overwhelming. I think we all realize now more than ever just how much Dean has always meant to us.

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